Holy shit let me tell you telling someone you like them is hard as hell anyways, so I’m gonna make it thirty times harder by doing it in front of a crowd, because sometimes I like a challenge.

Maybe this is really 21st century but I knew it was gonna get real when I sat on your couch and you offered me your wifi password, I didn’t even have to ask…
In all seriousness, it was cute.

And here’s all the stuff I couldn’t tell you before, maybe the bright lights blinding me from actually like, having to make eye contact with you and the fact that there’s fifty-plus other people watching the boldest moment of my life unfold is helping, whatever, your hair is cute.

Your hair is cute, your hands your lips your smile your laugh you, my friend, are attractive.

And goooood lord, you are tall.
All my friends always talk about “tall boys” and I never understood the appeal but DAMN… 6’3 has never looked so good.

You say the farthest you’ve gone with a girl is holding hands and I mean WE haven’t even held hands but I feel like if we did the feeling of your fingers slipping between mine will make me want to believe in God… and I am not a religious person.

Is it selfish to want to be your first kiss? I’m just gonna let that one hang there…

Let’s talk about that hat for a second, you know the one…Do you have any idea how distracting that is? I mean, come on, have you looked in a mirror, dude?

I know all of this is really bold, I know it might make you feel kind of weird, I know you’ve probably never heard me say this many words at one time but holy shit, I like you, I caught feelings, I’m twitterpated, I have a crush on you

And don’t blink I’m gonna say this quickly and regret it immediately afterwards,

How would you like these to be the first boobs you ever touch?
Regret settling in….

But screw it, regret get OUT, it’s my senior year I’m seventeen I’m telling a boy I like him for the first time that isn’t through a text message or a mutual friend if this changes things I’m sorry please still be my friend

Every time I see you smoking a cigarette I find myself envious that it gets to touch your lips I want you to want me there I want you to want me everywhere I want you lips skin teeth fingernails smiles tears good bad I want to spend my time with you

Once again if this changes things I’m sorry.

Bottom line I think you’re awesome and of course I totally hope you feel the same way because seeing you smile is like watching a firework go off and honestly the fourth of july is like my favorite holiday because I feel this rush in my chest every time a firework is ignited and so you can imagine just how exhausting it is to hang out with you because you smile a LOT

here’s the poem i’m considering reading to that boy at a poetry slam maybe it sucks who cares (via donut-babe)


The actor who played The Mountain just posted this on twitter


basically i dont care if you drink smoke or do drugs as long as you can hold a conversation about something besides the fact that you drink smoke or do drugs


Disney channel knew whats up




its 2015 and everyone still hates me

It’s 2014

just planning ahead


if you yell at me because i did something wrong there’s a 764% chance that i won’t care

Cancer friggin sucks man. No one should have to go through this shit and knowing that thousands already have and more probably will, just kills me. No one should have to die like this.


if you yell at me because i did something wrong there’s a 764% chance that i won’t care



Toddrick Hall and AJ Rafael re-creating Disney’s best moments